Senior Interaction Designer

  • Commitment: Full-time
  • Location: San Francisco
  • Team: Design
Senior Interaction Designer

The Method Design team is comprised of a diverse set of professionals with backgrounds including research, strategy, graphic design, industrial design, product development, marketing and technical development. What these professionals all have in common is empathy for the human condition, love for experimenting with technology, a strong aesthetic viewpoint, and a mind for the realities of business.

Core Skills:

  • A strong portfolio that demonstrates your systems thinking and core skills across a variety of client categories and interactive design formats & methodologies, e.g. websites, software applications, mobile/tablet UI and apps, TV set-top box, interactive walls, touch/voice/gesture-based interaction models and personal projects
  • Nimble and quick to come up with digital sketches/prototypes from lo-fi to hi-fi, to help design thinking process as well as communicate concepts to team members and clients
  • Excellent ability to lead and motivate team by encouraging collaboration, and helping the members achieve their goals
  • 6-8 years prior work experience in a related role
  • Solid academic background in a related field, such as Design, Communication or Psychology, or commensurate work experience; advanced degree a plus
  • Eloquent verbal/written communication & presentation skills, with the ability to successfully articulate design concepts to your team and your client, and provide sound consultations
  • Effective time management skills to balance project schedule with fast-paced deadlines
  • Enthusiasm for the digital design industry & technology at large

Research & Strategy Skills:

  • Ability to scope out and conduct key business stakeholder & key user interviews to understand requirements and insights that shape product strategies and design decisions
  • Experience planning and hosting collaborative workshops, user research and/or usability testing and conducting comparative/competitive landscape and content audits
  • Ability to create user experience goals and conceptual frameworks; user personas, related key user journeys and relevant flowcharts; information architecture and, as necessary, content strategies

Design & Technical Skills:

  • Innovative interaction design solutions, exhibited in wireframes, annotations/specification documentation, and prototypes
  • Familiarity, curiosity and knowledge of other technologies such as Arduino, Leap Motion, Processing and digital installations.
  • Strong ability to think visually and collaborate seamlessly with Visual Designers as it pertains to both interactive & style element discussions
  • Strong ability to think technically and collaborate seamlessly with Technologists as it pertains to understanding the benefits, possibilities and constraints of common coding languages and platforms; actual coding experience a plus
  • An enthusiasm for iterative prototyping as an essential part of the design process
  • Fluency with common design software (InDesign, Illustrator, Keynote) for the creation of Interaction Design artifacts and presentations
  • Fluency with HTML5 to create prototypes across different media including tablet, mobile, TV, mobile and web
Cultural Fit
The people that thrive at Method are curious, empathetic, rigorous, experimental and appreciate a holistic way of solving design problems in collaborative teams through rapid prototyping. Method’s culture is a meritocracy in which small project teams collaborate across multiple departments and, in many cases, across offices and time zones. We seek patient and friendly individuals who are smart, curious and opinionated; individuals who have the ability to proactively develop points of view across categories for an ever-changing product and service development environment.

If you are a curious individual that believes better experiences shape a better world, we’d like to hear from you.

If you are a curious individual that believes better experiences shape a better world, we’d like to hear from you.