SoDA Creative Jam

A Conversation with Alyssa Pugh and Flavio Carvalho

On Tuesday, April 21st two of our designers, Flavio Carvalho (Senior Visual Designer) and Alyssa Pugh (Visual Designer) participated in the SoDA Creative Jam at the Adobe Headquarters in San Francisco. Below is a conversation between the two designers discussing the event, what they learned, and how inspiring it was to compete in a design challenge.

Alyssa: Each of the teams that participated were challenged with creating anything related to the famous Robin Williams quote “Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’” There were no parameters beyond that to the competition, which as designers who traditionally work for clients with deadlines and deliverables posed a really exciting challenge.

Flavio: That was such an interesting hurdle, and it was really refreshing to be given a design challenge where we could just follow our instincts and create something beautiful that inspires our creativity. We wanted to represent our own personal experiences within the work.

Alyssa: We also wanted to pay homage to the cultural diversity in our three studios. We have Brazil, US, Sweden and India referenced in the poster. It’s a small sampling of the countries represented at Method but gives a good idea of the great group of people we get to work with every day.

Flavio: When we first got the quote the other teams started Googling the theme and Robin Williams. We just stepped back and started brainstorming what spring means to us. It was really indicative of how we work at Method. We take an approach that is really thoughtful about the larger meaning of the theme instead of a literal interpretation of the quote.

Alyssa: Each poster has a common thread, using ‘Let’s Spring’ as the only copy. It’s our unique interpretation of the quote. The images are personal, but the underlying meaning of spring as a new beginning to life is both consistent and culturally specific at the same time. Brazil is plush with flowers, Americans head to the Spring Break, India celebrates Holi and Sweden has the Maypole Dance.

Flavio: The dynamic was interesting because we didn’t know if the idea was the best one. But because we only had a few hours, we took our idea, committed to it and ran with it. We were confident in our capabilities and our ability to see the concept through to the end.

Alyssa: It was a great exercise for a team effort and a creative jump, and a lesson in how to find a quick solution and stick with it.

Flavio: It was great. All designers should get out of their comfort zones every once in a while and see what happens!