Patrick Newbery
Chief Strategy Officer

Patrick was a key member of the founding team that defined the vision for Method and has been involved with the company since its inception. Patrick oversees many aspects of the business, including business development, brand and business strategy, as well as directing creative teams in the development of digital and analog design projects.

Patrick has led strategic brand initiatives for a diverse range of companies and industries. He led the team behind the global rebrand of Autodesk, and developed the brand system and messaging behind EMC’s small business line, EMC Insignia. Patrick has helped clients understand the value of delivering positive brand experiences across every touch point and throughout the customer lifecycle.

Prior to joining Method in September 1999, Patrick was a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young, tasked with the development of various e-commerce initiatives. He served as a brand consultant for the Center for Strategic Transactions, providing brand strategy consultations to CEOs and CFOs of E&Y’s clients, including Packard Bell,, DrugEmporium, CMDG, Henson Productions, A&E,, and Omnicell.

Before joining E&Y, Patrick worked at MetaDesign in San Francisco as a project manager and interaction designer. His clients included DataFusion, Scudder, Channelpoint, ClearStation, Ernst & Young, Digital Stock, Netscape, IDEO, and Apple. Patrick was a Production Director at Fitch in Boston until 1996, where he oversaw the production of mechanical files and manufacturing of point-of-sale materials, marketing collateral, annual reports, and environmental graphics for clients including Harmon Consumer Group, JBL, Digital, London Fog, Citizens Bank, and Fleet Bank.