Ryan Gates
Creative Director

An outspoken designer-developer advocate, Ryan always brings a designer’s method and touch to engineering challenges, and a developer’s rigor and creativity to design challenges.

Since joining Method, Ryan has guided/designed/prototyped a wide range of consumer experiences and professional tools across web, mobile, television, and wearable platforms in collaboration with partners including Google, Microsoft, AT&T, CenturyLink, Whole Foods, SFMOMA, and San Francisco Ballet.

Previous to Method, Ryan spent time in the Los Angeles area as web designer/developer for CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) and REDCAT Theater, as well as working with various design firms, marketing agencies, and non-profit social justice organizations connecting traditional design aspirations with modern technology opportunities.

Now back home in the Bay Area, Ryan says he’s thankful for dense fog during weekday soccer matches, steep ascents during Tilden Park cycling, and winter coats in July while barbecuing with family and friends.