Creating a new editorial experience for crisis reporting

Over 6 weeks, the Method and Coda teams worked together to develop a new media platform that focuses on a single crisis at a time, with the aim of providing a level of depth, continuity and understanding not typically seen in traditional reporting formats.

In collaboration with Coda, Method created a new structure for curating stories and media based on the concept of evolving themes or ‘currents’. The interaction model for the platform grew from this unique structure. Method also created a brand identity that sets Coda apart from its competitors, as well as a video that brings the concept to life.


Coda approached Method as a partner based on Method’s previous experience in re-imagining journalism and publishing for clients such as Reuters.

In the lifecycle of a major crisis, important events continue to happen after the spotlight has moved on. Method was intrigued by Coda’s idea to not only arrive at the scene during the height of the crisis, but to stay on the story after the world’s attention has waned.

Philip O’Dwyer, Creative Director of Method London comments,

“News is a machine that never stops. News channels publish content as it happens. Events are processed into a relentless stream of incrementally updated articles, each a self-contained piece of content, without much context.”

Our concept, created in collaboration with Coda, supports a curatorial approach to news that allows a meaningful overview to be presented. The platform enables you to see all of the major themes and how they relate to each other.


Method designed and created the brand within 6 weeks against extremely tight deadlines. The intense travel schedules of founders Abigail Fielding Smith, Natalia Antelava, Ilan Greenberg, Magda Jura and Jagdeep Parbha also provided a unique challenge, restricting the amount of in person time with the client.

Another challenge faced was communication between journalists and visual designers. The two groups often differ in using written and visual language, and the collaboration between Method and Coda was able to merge the best of both worlds. By working through this challenge, design and content is now able to inform and influence how users navigate and read stories on the site.

The final output is a conceptualised and validated design system that has the flexibility to allow in-depth and investigative journalism tell stories through assets that have been collected locally where the story happens. Customers get a view ‘behind the scenes’ with real-time updates on social media and video content streamed live.

Method created a visual identity that represents the Coda idea at it’s core and reflects the brand and service strategy. The team also designed the customer experience and produced a video that was shared at the Global Editors Network Summit in Barcelona.


Method and Coda presented the concept alongside 20 other start-ups at the Global Editors Network Summit in Barcelona 2014, having 5 minutes to pitch the Coda story to industry representatives from around the world.

The combined efforts saw Coda win the #GENSummit 2014.

2014 Interactive Media Awards: Best In Class in the category "NonProfit"