Dalton Maag

Expanding a strong brand into the digital landscape.

Method worked closely with Dalton Maag to develop a digital brand strategy and design direction. At its heart, we helped transform daltonmaag.com into an interactive, creative playground supported by a transparent and user-friendly platform.

Method and Dalton Maag held a series of workshops addressing the outdated licensing system of an industry struggling to the keep pace with digital strides. Together, the team developed a completely new format to purchase and license fonts, effectively revolutionising the typography design industry.



Bruno Maag, founder of Dalton Maag, approached Method to redesign their website. As a pioneer within the industry, Dalton Maag wanted the website to reflect the studio’s renowned typography expertise with an online experience that would disrupt the type industry.

The reality is across the board we tripled our sales on the font library. Within 3 months of launching the website we had 12,000 new subscribers. The whole new website everything has been very successful and has been very well perceived across our own industry as well.
Bruno Maag


Method began the project by visiting the Dalton Maag studio to observe their working environment and collaborative process. The team talked to employees to identify the essence of the brand to translate it in their online presence. The culture of Dalton Maag is one of a dynamic start up with a predilection for experimentation and sharing, bolstered by a deep curiosity and knowledge of language and global culture that grounds typographic design.

Next, Method set up a series of brand workshops with the client to understand how they perceive themselves and where they see themselves headed. Method also conducted a series of user interviews to understand how other designers analyze how they discover, purchase, and use fonts. The designers accompanied the team throughout the journey to challenge and validate various concepts.

The initial discovery and research phase led to the establishment of a shared set of design principles, opportunity areas, and the new brand theme “Find Your Voice” that guided design expressions. Together, Method and Dalton Maag sketched, exploring a swath of ideas. They were then consolidated and refined into a cohesive series, plotted against a user journey and constructed into a focused design brief.

Taking a “big screen first” approach let the team conceive for the large monitors that designers use to view the digital world. The full-bleed, big and bold design is structured on a simple interaction model that stacks content modules, but easily responds to any browser.

The homepage allows Dalton Maag to customize and curate a series of content, which can be updated to highlight new font releases, studio news, culture, and thought leadership. Each custom font project or library font has a series of panels nested within a module that reflects its inspiration, visual world, and brand. For custom fonts, the visual brand materials of Dalton Maag are used to create graphic panels, with the font displayed within the landscape it was designed in.

Rather than continuing to display fonts on a traditional white background, the team invited external creatives to craft a unique series of visuals to display the fonts that were inspired by their respective back stories. Method then created an initial set of the panels that set the tone for future creations.


Today, a palpable creative and interactive feeling runs throughout the entire site. For more in-depth story pages, such as the library, commissioned font landing pages, and the “About Dalton Maag” pages, a palette of modules accommodate the significant stories. Whether a short story about a particular library font or a complex case study page, the modular design allows for unique pages and content.

Every type foundry also needs a type tester. So wherever a user is within the site, they can press any key on their keyboard to activate an immersive, full-screen tester. Users can control fonts, select colors, add photos, and even send a graphic message to a friend with the select fonts.

Method not only created an original, inspiring online experience, but through the research process uncovered opportunities to improve and simplify the fundamental business models of the company—and the industry at large. With the launch of the website, Dalton Maag introduced a completely new format for purchasing and licensing fonts that has revolutionized the typography design industry.

Method recognised our knowledge of the type industry, but helped us question everything. Through all stages of the project they kept us closely involved, meaning we came to our own conclusions and have ended up with a product our entire company is extremely proud of. We can take ownership of the end result because we were so closely involved in the project.
Tim Janes
Product Owner / Marketing Manager