The world’s first multi-sports internet TV service for fans

Live sports streaming service DAZN partnered with Method to develop the initial designs for the market leading live sports streaming subscription service that is aiming to disrupt the current market in participating countries.

DAZN inherits a strong sporting heritage established through their parent company Perform Group, a leading global digital media company that specializes in creating, curating and commercializing sports content. The new brand has launched with rights for globally recognizable brands including top European football leagues, US sports, tennis, motorsports, darts, rugby and more.

DAZN and Method worked together to realize the ambition of launching one seamless product platform regardless of region or language. The service launched in August 2016 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Japan.

We have seen a revolution in entertainment with the introduction of disruptive brands like Netflix, now it is sport’s turn to be more consumer friendly.
James Rushton, CEO of DAZN



The current live sport market is dominated by traditional TV content providers locking consumers into long contracts with restricted content. Perform saw an opportunity to disrupt this sector by offering a “Netflix” approach to sports - no contracts, just a flat monthly fee and the ability to cancel at any time.

Sporting traditions and cultural environments can vary drastically from one country to another, and one of the primary challenges throughout the project was to fully understand and design for separate and very different markets. The service had to maintain a consistent brand language and fit into the larger Perform Group family, while providing one compelling viewing platform for very different countries.

To design against this, the team observed and discovered cultural insights on how Germany and Japan experience sport, use digital products, and their attitude towards brands, technology, and services. This ensured that the design offers the greatest possible experience for consumers in each region.

The project was up against a tight deadline so that fans would never miss a moment of their favorite sport. Method’s agile and lean process allowed the teams to quickly establish a design language that could flex and adjust to the DAZN team’s feedback.

Approach + Solutions

Every aspect of the experience should be encouraging and motivational, creating long-lasting relationships between the fans and their teams. To achieve this we conducted interviews with DAZN stakeholders and played back our learnings to the business to align expectations and make sure the design met the diverse set of requirements. Through these learnings we defined experience principles that guided decision making and aided a collaborative working process that included onboarding a growing internal client team:

  • Be confident in our offering
  • Champion video content
  • Delight is in the detail
  • Maintain consistent energy
  • Celebrate with the crowd
  • Empower the individual

The Method-DAZN design team used an iterative make, test and learn process to quickly define a responsive approach that gave flexibility to apply the design across multiple platforms in a short time frame. The team also ran a separate, concurrent brand stream that iteratively fed into the product and established the initial framework for social features that allow viewers to create a community around their favorite sports and teams.

The result is a consistent, responsive web and native app platform accessible on all internet-capable screens that aligns to DAZN’s vision, and achieves a seamless, interactive experience across all devices.


DAZN allows users to easily watch games from the sports and leagues available, even if they occur simultaneously, including live and on-demand at your own convenience. The beautiful simplicity of the design is grounded in the fact that people just want to watch their games and their teams easily and with no interruptions.