Flightglobal Dashboard

An online platform that connects aviation news to data.

In 2013, Method formed a partnership with Flightglobal to realise their vision to create an aviation data platform with a seamless, connected customer experience.

Flightglobal initially approached Method to create a prototype for the Paris air show, our first step to realising the overall ambition. After testing and validation across the key personas at the Paris air show we began designing the live version.

The new live platform enables customers to search across: news, company, fleet, and network data through a seamless online experience. After launch 100% of customers migrated to the new version within 6 months.


Flightglobal are a global aviation news and data service provider. The business has a prestigious history in publishing aviation magazines. In line with their parent company strategy they have been transforming themselves into a data business based on renewable subscription revenue.

We had three weeks to create a working prototype and eight weeks to design the working product. Our main challenge was having enough time to understand their complex business, data, and customers. Setting up a collaborative, cross-disciplinary team was key to the success of the project. Working collaboratively and lean we were able to create a meaningful prototype, and get a working product to market in a short amount of time.

The platform’s main challenges were unifying the search experience across four data sets, connecting news to data content, and creating a lasting brand impression from their curated data on their profile pages.


We wanted to create a seamless experience through the data by eliminating the dead ends in the user journey and allowing the user to explore the full depth and breadth of the available data. The platform needed to be a professional tool designed for ease of use. It had to be: simple, functional, and practical. The primary design goal was to create a platform that clearly communicates information to the user.

We designed a federated search allowing customers to quickly navigate across their datasets and find opportunities in the news. The federated view caters for any complexity in the user's search query. An overlay allows the user to quickly access search from anywhere in the experience without having to leave the page. The suggested terms simplifies the searching experience for the user. We worked closely with the Flightglobal technology team to develop a high performance search tool based on a new data schema specifically designed with the new product in mind. This design fitted well with our top down interaction model.

The profile pages were an opportunity to create a brand tool for Flightglobal.

We wanted to create a brand out of the data by making the profiles memorable and instantly recognisable. We spent some time crafting the visuals to be both functional and beautiful.

We were able to connect news content to data by designing an article enrichment feature that enabled customers to view airport, airline, and maintenance company profile summary data within an article without leaving their reading experience.

It was clear that our product development was beginning to influence the company's branding strategy so Method hosted a workshop to bring the right people from the business into the room to agree on a brand structure that suited the business’s needs at the time and into the future.


The project was a great success. We met the business’s goals by quickly migrating all of their clients from the legacy product and attracting many new ones.

Within the first year of trading:
16% increase in New Business
2% increase in Retention Rate

“The product has been really well received by Flightglobal’s clients. It took us only two-thirds of the time we expected for customers to migrate to the new product. We have seen an overall increase in usage and the feedback we are getting tells us that clients find the new product both informative and intuitive.”

Together Flightglobal and Method have managed to create, test, and launch a successful subscription platform. We are continually enhancing the product and work has already started on the next exciting major project.