GlobalLogic Gallery

Bringing Stories to Life

Method worked with GlobalLogic to design the Gallery -– an interactive and immersive space that showcases the broad range and impact of their work with customers.

Client and Challenge

Engineering and technology companies typically talk about their work in very technical terms, but GlobalLogic wanted a way to show they do more than just make products and services: GlobalLogic powers products and services that help save and improve people’s lives.

GlobalLogic partnered with Method to help explain their process and the impact of their work to clients, prospects, employees and analysts. They initially asked for a demo room to showcase work, and allowed Method the creative freedom to shape the experience. Through conversations and presentations at GlobalLogic’s headquarters in San Jose, the team convinced key stakeholders that a demo room concept could be expanded to tell their story in a meaningful way through a multi-touchpoint, interactive experience rather than a simple display space.

The technology challenges required to design this type of interactive experience spread across multiple industries, including coordination with project teams for content, software and data management with development teams, and the complexities that come with building out a physical space. Working through these challenges with a series of vendors, the Gallery evolved from a concept display to a full experience, where visitors can touch, watch, read and listen to how GlobalLogic’s work is impacting the world and how we live in it.

Method’s biggest impact on the Gallery was that they challenged our assumptions on the potential of the space, and pushed our imagination out of our comfort zone. They made us dream, innovate, and rethink what this experience could be.
Shashank Samant
CEO, GlobalLogic

Approach and Process

To achieve this integrated experience, Method developed a space with more than just a single channel, and structured content not by business unit or market sector, but by human value and impact. To display the content, Method designed a full width and height digital wall and custom designed and built hybrid display podiums in the lobby of GlobalLogic’s headquarters. The wall includes six Samsung LED LCD commercial television screens, which are composed within ~1400 nodes. Video content is displayed on the entire wall, integrating visuals of the product or software in use in the real world, user testimonials, and important facts and figures. The podium content is a text and image based presentation that gives visitors the highlights of the project and its impact on its industry and the world.

Four major content filters frame the selection and context of each project:

  1. Bringing family and friends together
  2. Working smarter
  3. Better shopping experiences
  4. Living healthier lives

The team took the initial vision and concept to actualization with the partnership of several key vendors:

  • Immersive – audio/visual integration (screens, led lights, speakers)
  • Pinnacle Exhibits – fabrication (podiums, wall)
  • Ricardo Leigh – custom audio composure
  • McLarney Construction – construction
  • HGA – interior design documents and permitting

Throughout the design and development process, the teams worked through concepts and challenges by extensive prototyping, including to-scale printouts, foamcore models, 3D printed model making, 3D renderings with motion graphics overlays, and full scale functional wall prototypes.

The Gallery is an immersion into our world. Having the ability to let someone experience your organization and experience the work you do is extremely powerful.
Shane Brentham
VP Marketing, GlobalLogic


Method created a digital and physical experience for GlobalLogic that expands the ways they are able to showcase their work, and by doing that provided a solution for how technology companies can tell their story to a larger audience. The work has impacted their sales and documentation process in a positive way, with project teams proactively gathering information and assets for the case studies, and sales teams using the Gallery to help reinforce their conversations with existing and potential clients. There has also been interest from major companies in doing similar projects, including a major communications company for a smart cities installation, and several analysts and prospects have also expressed a desire to partner with GlobalLogic after viewing the gallery.

The Gallery space ultimately challenges visitors’ imaginations and helps them truly understand the impact of GlobalLogic’s work on the world.