Global Lives

Creating a holistic identity able to live and grow in an interactive space

Global Lives is a volunteer-based creative collaborative working across international borders to create and curate films capturing 24-continuous hours in people's lives. With their website being the most accessed touchpoint for the brand, Global Lives asked Method to design a new online experience that enabled visitors to engage with their rich video content in meaningful ways. The initiative included defining a flexible system architecture, interaction model, brand identity and visual language.


To communicate their purpose and better engage their volunteer network, Global Lives needed a strong foundational design system, including system architecture, interaction models, and visual design.

The online video library experience needed to present content in an accessible, compelling and engaging way, supported by a brand identity that authentically communicates the Global Lives’ mission and expresses the overarching themes of human connection and diversity. Additionally, the user experience was required to encourage participation, and provide easier access to resources for producers, filmmakers, educators and curators.


In the creation of this new website, Global Lives and Method aimed to achieve three main goals: to educate visitors on Global Lives and ways to participate, to inspire through rich content and an engaging viewing experience, and to empower by creating a connected, participatory network of users. Method knew that the success of making these goals actionable rested on enhancing the organization and discovery of the Global Lives content, while also building an engaging online experience.

Inspired by Global Lives’ philosophy of connectedness, empathy and diversity, Method designed a bold and flexible visual language and playful new mark based on multi-colored lines. Representative of different regions and people across the globe, these lines are able to morph into any shape, highlighting adaptability to context. This dynamic identity system can be extended to both online and offline experiences, including event posters and t-shirts.

Method centered the new website experience around the video experience, aiming to make it more approachable and meaningful to the general public through enhanced organization of content. As a video-based web platform, the new site enables visitors to interact with and enrich Global Lives’ incredible wealth of content by generating thematic tags, translations, commentaries and video submissions. This new user experiences encourages participation and provides easier access to resources for producers, filmmakers, educators and curators. Empowering visitors to become participants in the Global Lives Project reflects the power of the new web interface to transform a wealth of content into being a more useful and interactive tool.


The result is a brand presence and digital experience that more accurately communicates the mission, values, and philosophy of the Global Lives brand to its audiences. The flexible framework enables Global Lives to more effectively leverage and present their rich video content and resources in a manner that is more approachable for both casual and experts. After launch, Global Lives received several rounds of additional funding from National Endowment for the Arts, and executed a successful Kickstarter campaign where they were able to meet their goal and raise an additional $10,000 to initiate their “Lives in Transit” series.

2013 AIGA (Re)design Awards - Winner
2012 Brand New Awards - Winner, Basic Identity Applications
2013 International Design Awards, Honorable Mention

"The brilliant team at Method gave us the red carpet treatment, and all of my preconceived notions about what design even meant were blown out of the water. The team started by doing an incredibly thorough needs assessment, interviewing us at length, studying our current website and other design pieces, and then presenting us with dozens of case studies from other organizations to get a sense of what we liked. Their final products—which included a completely new visual identity, website and print pieces—have been life-changing for our organization. Our funders and volunteers are complimenting and congratulating us incessantly and it feels not just like having a whole new wardrobe, but more like having a whole new body to go with it.”

David Harris, Executive Director, Global Lives Project