Google Cloud Platform

Translating a service infrastructure into a compelling product

Google is synonymous with the world's most powerful technology. As shown in products like Search, Maps, and YouTube, Google frequently delivers innovative solutions to extraordinary challenges that no other companies have faced. Driving this unique company are underlying infrastructure and services, which play a key creative and enabling role.

Now, Google is allowing the worldwide developer community access to the engine that powers Google's own products. Using the Google Cloud Platform, anyone can build, test, and deploy applications on Google’s highly scalable and reliable infrastructure.


The Google Cloud Platform team asked Method to create an identity for this new offering that resonates with the developer audience, while also accurately reflecting Google's world-class cloud infrastructure.

The previous identity was a compilation of different visual aesthetics that did not clearly communicate the suite of products and lacked a hero mark to tie them together. The team wanted something that felt as strong and remarkable as the technology itself - an iconic mark, yet comfortable alongside Google's other 1st-tier products like Drive, Chrome, Maps, and Gmail.


Method assembled a lean and focused team to collaborate closely with Google. We immersed ourselves in the developer culture, gaining insight into the maker mindset and what it might mean to suddenly gain access to the best technology in the world. Working with the Cloud Platform team, we identified a clear positioning for the product - Fast, Scalable, Integrated. Our challenge was how to translate that visually, in a way that accurately captures the tone, value, and promise of the service.

“The Cloud” has birthed numerous visualizations of cloud-like objects. Method’s creative team focused on the unexpected - a visualization of the power of the service, rather than the name.

Over four weeks, Method worked on rapid exploration of concepts, sharing ideas with the Cloud Platform team early and often.

Inspired by the idea that the Cloud Platform is a set of tools for engineers to have fun and play with, these identity explorations revolved around toy-like moving parts and flexible construction sets. While crafting the hero mark, Method also explored the identity's extension and brand applications into territories beyond the web, such as physical displays.


The new Google Cloud Platform identity is a bold mark that fits within Google's established brand language, while standing out from the cornucopia of other product icons and logos.

Sturdy and powerful, the mark's brackets are a nod to developer coding language and a playful reference to modular building sets.

Components - nuts and bolts - represent the Platform’s scalability and flexibility. The logo’s interchangeable parts held together by white bolts creates an interlocking effect, a dynamic representation of the platform’s ability to integrate all the parts together to form a single unit.

Iconic when scaled large or small and in both digital and print, this extendable identity system allows for growth as the product evolves and matures. The new Google Cloud Platform identity signifies that the power behind Google is now available to the next generation of makers.

"Method was great to work with. They took a scattered offering of complex products and helped us create a strong, unified brand that represents our focus on developers and creators. We couldn't be happier."

Bryant Detwiller
Google Product Marketing Manager