Mister Jiu's

Changing the perception of American Chinese food

Mister Jiu’s is a contemporary Chinese restaurant that opened in mid April in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown, but is more than just another Chinese food restaurant.

Executive Chef Brandon Jew has an ambitious mission: to change the current perception of American Chinese food and create an institution that will revive San Francisco’s Chinatown.



By partnering with local purveyors and tapping into ancient methods of food preparation, Mister Jiu’s represents a return to the roots of cooking Chinese food that excites the palate while honoring California ideals of handcrafted, organic and locally sourced products.

The Experience

Method worked with Brandon to help him communicate the vision of Mister Jiu’s to everyone who would become involved in the production of the restaurant, from the architects to contractors to interior designers and waiters. By mapping out the customer’s entire journey throughout the restaurant, we were able to design an experience that delivered on the brand vision in unique and meaningful ways. Ultimately, we drafted a business plan, met with architects and contractors, and provided reference guides for how the brand could manifest in these key signature moments throughout the restaurant experience.