A revolutionary advertising platform for mobile consumers.

Moasis is a 6-year-old start-up headquartered in San Francisco with patented technology for a tool that has redefined how businesses reach mobile consumers. The Moasis team combines deep knowledge in both the practices of marketing and the technologies disrupting today’s information ecosystem. They have developed a revolutionary advertising platform based on the fusion of location data and multi-screen delivery, with the flexibility to weather the ongoing change in digital media and local marketing. Moasis works primarily with advertising agencies to provide a location-based service similar to the geo-fence but more targeted. They needed an identity that was able to adapt and change just like their product and service.


Moasis partnered with Method to evolve their identity and brand position based on the promise that they deliver targeted marketing to anyone at any location. The biggest challenge for this project is that this current industry—mobile advertising—is very active with a lot of people making broad claims about their capabilities. Brand and service language used by Moasis has quickly been adopted by competitors, blocking Moasis from true differentiation in the market. Because this was the primary focus for the project, Method prioritized walking Moasis through every phase to make sure the teams were on the same page about design direction, understanding their customer base fully and collaborating with the Moasis team to get at the heart of their brand.


Because the duality between technology and people is the foundation for the services that Moasis provides its customers, Method looked at scientific exploration for inspiration to reinforce the differentiators of their brand. Method’s team tapped into the human aspect of Moasis for a new language and brand identity in order to highlight their focus on the end-user. Method concentrated on the notion of movement to inspire a design and interaction concept that is generative, reinforcing their identity and service as a real-time solution. This is where the true differentiation lies: understanding the behaviors of Moasis’ customer base and building a brand identity system that increases value for not only the advertising agencies using the Moasis service, but the people interacting with the product every day.


Method’s work has helped position Moasis as industry leaders, offering a high-value service to clients and differentiating them from competitors. Method provided Moasis with a strategy and positioning that was unanimously embraced by the executives and board of directors, giving the company a clear way to tell their story to today’s market as well as potential investors and future market segments.