Repositioning a brand in a competitive market sector

Moonfruit is a platform that helps people build, launch, and manage their own websites for free. Through the customization of Moonfruit’s extensive library of templates, backgrounds, images, and animations, anyone can set-up their business or project online and have it optimized for web or mobile, regardless of experience with code.

As the #1 hosted site builder in the UK, Moonfruit has enabled users to build over 5 million sites on their platform. Their users are artisans and crafters, brand owners, and retailers who are now able to communicate and sell their services online. In 2012, Moonfruit was acquired for $29 million in cash.


Moonfruit partnered with Method in 2010 to help position the brand in a rapidly growing and competitive market sector. At the time, Moonfruit had received an investment to rapidly grow their business. With an eye on the rise of social media and website-building, Moonfruit saw an opportunity to connect with this new audience.

They asked Method to elevate their business with a new brand identity and web product that would better position them with a more digitally connected audience.

Moonfruit’s previous website had a cumbersome signup process that did not instill confidence in the ease of use of their product while also causing potential customers to drop off. Alongside the rebrand, Method designed a new website experience that communicated the Moonfruit brand while also focusing on increasing conversions and streamlining the signup and design process.


The Method team immersed themselves in the world of Moonfruit, conducting workshops with the leadership team, interviewing users from around the world, and auditing the competition.

To help guide the process, Method turned to the community of active Moonfruit users. These users expressed a deep interest in creating their own futures and proved to highly value goal-oriented self determination.

This appreciation of craft and attention to detail informed all aspects of Method’s final website and identity solution, which embraces fluidity and accessibility.


Method created a distinctive new mark, numerous brand expressions and applications, as well as a book that detailed Moonfruit’s new brand story. In addition to a new identity, Method also created a website that simplifies the design and signup process from a previously cumbersome experience into a single page.

Shortly after launch, Moonfruit was acquired for $29 million in cash.

In May 2012, soon after completing the brand refresh and new website, Moonfruit was acquired by hibu (formerly known as Yell), a leading provider of digital services in the emerging local eMarketplace for consumers and SMBs.