Delivering a high-quality, curated film experience

MUBI is an online cinema and community for people who love film, inspired by the idea that everyone should be able to create their own cinema anytime and anywhere. The MUBI platform enables users to watch, discover and discuss every aspect of the medium. From classic gems to contemporary masterpieces, MUBI’s handpicked collection offers access to the world’s most visionary films.

After the success of their website, of which Martin Scorsese himself is a member, MUBI aimed to reach a larger audience and deliver a better quality viewing experience by extending the brand into new digital platforms.

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MUBI came to Method because of our expertise in the media space and ability to successfully deliver differentiated digital experiences. Method and MUBI agreed that the iPad - which had been recently introduced to the market at the time - would be the ideal platform to deliver MUBI’s content because of its natural ability to allow users to both actively explore and discover content and simply lean back and view it.

Initially, Method helped MUBI to design an in-depth, immersive experience that included individual pages for Films, Directors, Cast, and Film Festivals, as well as social integration and functionality found on the MUBI Social site. This design created a film experience able to connect audiences to great films and like-minded cinephiles in a serendipitous way.

After completing this initial phase of work, MUBI noticed a change in market landscape and came back to Method for help reworking the designs to align with their new business model. In order for MUBI to distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace they saw an opportunity to offer film enthusiasts a highly curated library of quality films.


For this second phase of work, we immersed ourselves in MUBI’s new business model and brand. The new MUBI would differ from other online streaming services by handpicking a new film every day and having that film available for the next 30 days. Essentially, members have a continually changing collection.

Method participated in collaborative workshops with the MUBI team to quickly establish audience segmentation, brand positioning and future aspiration, as well as an experience strategy to launch the MUBI service on the iPad.

We reworked the existing interaction model to move from a large library of content to a highly curated library. To highlight this, our design used the notion of a magazine to surface articles, recent friend activity and other relevant content. We felt this interaction behavior complimented displaying an ever-changing collection of films, and we refined this concept to act as the discovery tool for the entire experience.


Method developed an iPad experience that allows MUBI to continue to accelerate their high-quality brand and capture a larger share of their target audience's attention, while also providing a design solution that can roll out to new platforms, such as the connected TV and market leading game consoles. Recently released, the MUBI iPad app embodies the spirit of the MUBI brand and has become their flagship product.