Shaping a customer’s lifetime experience

Method has worked with Nokia on a multi-phase, multi-year engagement to re-envision their end-to-end customer journey, informing the out-of-box and packaging experience, in-store and service experience, and the design of smartphone interfaces and ecosystems. Improving their products and services for both customers and employees, Method has been a strategy and execution partner for Nokia for years, most recently shaping the role of digital touchpoints for Nokia retail stores worldwide.

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Since 2009, Method has partnered with Nokia to take a holistic look at their end-to-end customer journey and to find ways to not only differentiate Nokia, but to create stronger relationships with existing customers. Nokia, once the world’s leading mobile phone maker, had recently seen competitors to their market share as a result of the growing demand for smartphones. Realizing this shift in customer expectations, Nokia approached Method to create the strategy and roadmap for re-envisioning the customer experience, from awareness to reuse and re-engagement.

This multi-phase, multi-year engagement resulted in an experience framework that helped rationalize their overall product offering across devices and services and has resulted in the rollout of platforms including Ovi and a global reinvention of the Nokia store experience.

Nokia sells a wide range of products, targeting diverse global markets and retail contexts - from Nokia branded flagships to tiny independent retailers. As such, any solution must be deployed on a wide range of technologies and infrastructures. With the introduction of the Nokia Lumia phones in 2011, Nokia was looking for a way to engage retail customers to showcase how the phone can fit into consumer lifestyles.

Mobile phone retail has traditionally been focused on selling hardware features. However, today’s smartphones are shifting attention towards software and applications. Nokia saw the opportunity to differentiate and to provide superior service in retail environments by focusing on the benefits that the Nokia Lumia phones offer for varying lifestyles and contexts.


We began by collaborating with Nokia to perform comprehensive research on the existing landscape and the out-of-box experiences for Nokia products and competitive products. We also interviewed real users around the world to understand their needs, desires, and experiences. Working closely with Nokia, we developed an overall customer journey framework for use by multiple divisions.

Method created a brand to embody this framework, called NEX, producing a series of branded insights, including a user experience methods book, a customer journey map, and several concepts for out-of-box and set-up experiences targeted towards new products as well as interactive, immersive retail experiences. This framework allowed Nokia’s own design team to carry forth a cohesive vision for all of Nokia, allowing them to begin implementing improvements for specific areas (packaging, UX and UI, architectural) based on Nokia’s brand DNA and a full understanding of the customer lifecycle.

Building on this framework, Method worked with Nokia to redefine their use of digital touchpoints in retail environments, creating exciting new experiences for customers and staff.

Collaborating with Nokia’s global retail department, we imagined the future of device retail by constructing a series of scenarios for the holistic integration of digital touchpoints into the retail customer journey. Designing and developing for touchscreens to be deployed in retail stores, the result is an exciting new shopping experience for customers and a new marketing strategy for employees.


Method created a suite of digital touchpoints which could be deployed on a range of different screen sizes and devices, from low-cost Windows tablets in small partner retailers to large-format touchscreens in flagship stores.

For the launch of the Nokia Lumia phone, Method created a suite of applications to bring to life the benefits of the award-winning phone experience and hardware design.

Alongside detailed information about the phones, accessories, and applications, users can learn about the Nokia Lumia experience, including which apps best fit their lifestyle.

As applications become an increasingly important aspect of mobile device purchase, Nokia stores are the first to offer advice around the best apps for your Nokia device. With rich media content and the ability to instantly download, the Nokia Apps application allows local staff to curate apps, allowing each store to add contextual richness to the browsing experience.

To assist retail staff better service customers, we created The Nokia Concierge, a large-format touchscreen application that helps retail staff provide one-on-one advice to help the customer identify the right mobile solution through interactive filtering, comparison, and demonstration.

In addition, for store designers and managers, we built an application that allows the usage data for the digital applications to be tracked. This data has the potential to offer a wealth of insight around user interests and needs. Presenting this data visually through a custom analytics tool that visually highlights trends and insights, we have given retail stores access to uncover powerful patterns about the performance of products and services as well as the desires of customers.

The analytics tool is helping Nokia staff worldwide inform their retail designs, how they sell, and curate content that best resonates with the local store visitors.

These innovative new digital touchpoints were revealed at the Nokia World conference in October 2011 and are currently in use in Nokia retail stores worldwide. Since the launch of the Nokia Lumia, strong sales of the smartphone are helping Nokia’s mobile phone business achieve profitability and regain market share as the demand for phones is close to outstripping availability. “We’re getting very positive consumer feedback. You can see it when you go in the stores and you get a sense that they’re buying devices,” says Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop.

The fresh thinking from Method is helping to redefine what people expect from retail. They have successfully created interfaces that consumers enjoy and that places Nokia at the forefront of retail innovation.
Felipe Del Corral
Head of Digital Retail Worldwide, Nokia