Taming technology: A new and refreshing approach
to consumer electronics with Punkt.

Punkt. is a consumer electronics company established by Petter Neby in 2008 with a vision of creating outstanding, timeless products designed to do their job well and nothing more. Unlike most consumer electronics, Punkt.’s aim is not to intrude on people's time and attention.

In collaboration with Punkt., Method created a new brand platform that embodies the Punkt. idea at its core and expresses its bold and innovative views on technology. The brand strategy and visual/verbal language is designed to communicate the business’ principles, culture, and values across all customer touch points.


Punkt. believes that modern life has become more and more complicated with advanced technologies and multi-functional devices. In response, they’ve deliberately taken a different approach to consumer electronics, and gone against the ingrained status quo of ‘more features’ equals ‘more value’. They are the antidote to today’s throw away, ‘always-on’ culture by designing products that do the most important things well, and edit out the unimportant, in return making life simpler.

This is a not an anti-technology message, or a flight of nostalgia, but is a desire to focus on quality of product and life. Punkt. is not just selling products, it is also offering an alternative mindset: ‘less really does equal more’.

The brand has gained a strong following within the design community, but with the imminent launch of their mobile phone, Punkt. felt that a new approach to the way in which they express themselves was needed in order to achieve their goals and ambitions. Having read the Method experience design book, Punkt. knew where to come to realize that ambition.

Melissa Clark, Strategy Lead at Method London comments:

Punkt. has a unique and refreshing perspective on the role of consumer electronics in peoples lives. Method saw this as an opportunity for, what was already a strong brand, to add more depth and character in their expression. Our mission was to tease out what sets them apart, and make sure that it was woven across the business – from product development to brand communications.



Over a seven-week period, Method worked with Punkt. and the Jasper Morrison studio to create a new brand positioning and identity that encapsulated the “why” as well as the “what”.

We ran ethnographic research, a brand and market audit, and took inspiration from the fields of design, philosophy, anthropology and technology to identify new directions, which had an emphasis on points of culture, design and technology. Through the mechanism of discussion and debate, we were able to further push the thinking and arrived at the brand concept: Technology. Tamed, with the core emphasis on rebalancing the relationship we have technology.

Using this new direction, the Method team created a new brand language that brought Technology. Tamed. to life.

The new positioning focuses on having a more considered approach to our technology usage. The messaging is positive and stylistically doesn’t feel preachy or moralistic. The Punkt. communication style is reserved with editorial and content playing a significant role in communicating the proposition and purpose. We spent significant time fine-tuning a tone of voice that really honed in on the essence and could also be scaled.

The final output is a new brand strategy and language that is extended at both a brand and product level, as well as to individual touch points. A series of recommendations were made on business operations through to product portfolio to ensure the brand promise was intrinsic to the entire business. Method also designed a series of digital applications that bought Technology. Tamed. to life and supported the team as they moved into production with new partners and agencies.


The first official outing of “Technology. Tamed” is at the launch of the MP 01 Mobile phone in September 2015. The soft launch of Technology.Tamed appeared in the Wallpaper* June 2015 issue Transport and Technology special where Petter Neby, Punkt. founder, and Jasper Morrsion, Punkt. art director showcased the new mobile phone.

Petter Neby comments:

Punkt.’s aim is to solve a modern problem and ‘tame technology.’ Technology is an incredible thing, but we need to be more conscious of how we bring it into our private lives; we need to learn when to stop. To learn to switch off, and just enjoy how bloody good it feels.

Currently an interim website has been created to test and monitor customer response to the core message which will inform the full-scale web launch for later this year.