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The Viggle iOS and Android app is the first-ever loyalty program in television, bringing TV viewers closer to their favorite shows and content creators closer to their audiences.

Aimed at increasing engagement between consumers and content creators, Viggle gives people real, tangible rewards simply for watching their favorite television shows. The product utilizes the latest in sound recognition technology to track what viewers are watching, which awards points for “checking-in” to TV programs and playing games sponsored by advertisers.

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In order to successfully design and launch the app, Viggle collaborated with Method to help define their product, brand identity, and launch strategy.

The design objective was to create a simple and intuitive interface that would seamlessly complement and add to the overall television experience, without disrupting it.


Method worked closely with the Viggle team across multiple tracks—focus group testing, product design, brand development, marketing demos, and support for investor and partner presentations—in order to outline the needs of Viggle as a business and as a complementary entertainment tool for its users.

For Viggle to be successful, the app needed to enhance the television experience, adding to the relationship between content creator and audience. The benefits of the app would come in the forms of:

  1. A delightful companion app for TV viewers, allowing them to track and benefit from the shows they love by receiving real product rewards for watching content.
  2. A valuable and beneficial tool for brands and networks to utilize, giving them a platform to reach and build their audiences through incentives such as deals and rewards.

Method focused on the core idea behind Viggle: Watch TV. Check-in. Get rewards. We translated this into a focused product experience, keeping the app as streamlined as possible to have the interaction centered around the simple idea of receiving rewards for watching shows.

With apps such as Foursquare popularizing the idea of “checking-in,” Method found it useful to embed the same interaction form, retooling it for a TV experience.

Utilizing sound recognition within the app, the main utility of Viggle comes where users can easily and quickly check-in to shows in accumulation of points. When viewers tap to check-in to a show, Viggle listens in to track and award points.

Viggle users can use their points to redeem various deals and rewards offered by the television networks—offering them tangible value for watching TV. Method looked to design a fast interaction, where the app didn’t require any attention other than the initial check-in, in order to work non-disruptively with the television experience.

Viggle also empowers the content creators by giving them the opportunity to create new value for their consumers and to connect with them on a deeper level beyond the normal viewing interaction. With the app facilitating a two-way conversation between viewers and the content, Viggle allows television programs and shows to outreach to their fanbase to build a continually growing, loyal audience.

As an app for the avid TV viewer, Method worked to design a playful logo and typeface that would accurately define the experience while simultaneously giving the app a fun and engaging feel. With a simple, laid-back design, the app allows the interaction to become the center of the experience—empowering users to interact with television shows and to be directly rewarded for their loyalty.


Viggle addresses the desire to keep up-to-date with users’ favorite television programs, and to open up a relationship with the program that is supplemented by real rewards. Viewers are given a more relevant television experience—where the satisfaction is extended beyond just watching shows themselves, but is complemented by the accumulation of points and rewards.

Launched in February 2012, the application has been widely supported by Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon, Pepsi and Unilever, who have all signed on to reach customers via the Viggle platform.

With over 3 million registered users and hundreds of thousands of prizes redeemed, Viggle is showing the media industry what’s next in engagement for TV.

Viggle has exceeded all of our expectations. Time spent in the app has grown from 54 to 89 minutes in one month and the level of advertiser engagement is truly extraordinary.
Chris Stephenson
President, Viggle

So what is it that Viggle is doing right to achieve such amazing success? Viggle has created a unique blend of user centric features and functionality combined with the integration of advertisers and partners to deliver attainable rewards wrapped in an engaging experience.
The 2nd Screen
As if watching TV on the couch is not tempting enough, Viggle has made it even more alluring by rewarding viewers for checking into a show from their smart device. Since launching six months ago, the company has acquired more than one million registered users who have checked in more than 63 million times.

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