Michael Farley

Michael Farley

Executive Creative Director

Michael is the Executive Creative Director at Method NY, leading the New York studio along with the Executive Director of Client Services. Michael brings 20 years experience in product and service strategy and design, with a focus on human-centered methodologies.

His path has taken him from early days as a product designer in the start-up world through design leadership at Fjord, and AKQA. He now leads the strategy and creative teams in bringing an empathetic balance of human needs and business goals to our projects. He still looks to the start up world for inspiration in solving messy problems for people.

Recently he’s worked to understand the on-boarding experience for financial services, emotion in fintech AI, and equality in local food. He’s fascinated by the impact of technology in how we feed the world, and how when used well, design is a great leveler of experience.

Michael left his hometown of Toronto, Canada, to explore San Francisco, and has now settled in New York, where he and his family call Brooklyn home.