Project Legal Link is a Bay Area social service program that helps low-income individuals navigate the complex civil legal system and address legal issues that prevent them from accessing stable housing and employment. PLL was co-founded by Sacha Steinberger, an attorney, and Tipping Point Community, a local grantmaking organization.

Our challenge? Knowing that resources are scarce, what should the organization’s core offering be, how might it evolve over time, and what operational and financial models could enable sustainable growth?

Method SF worked closely with PLL and T Lab’s service designers to develop a detailed service blueprint, explore a variety of service models, and enable PLL to efficiently deploy services to meet the experiential needs of end-clients and social worker intermediaries.

About Tipping Point: Tipping Point Community fights poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area for the 1.3 million people too poor to meet their basic needs. They screen non-profits rigorously to identify and invest in the most effective education, employment, housing, and early childhood development organizations. T Lab is Tipping Point’s R&D team, which partners with non-profits to research, prototype and test new social services that could lead to greater impact. Since 2005, Tipping Point has raised more than $150 million and helped put 23,000 people on the path out of poverty in the last year alone. Its board covers 100% of operating costs, so every dollar donated goes where it’s needed most.

1 in 5 people in the Bay Area are too poor to meet their basic needs

4 out of 5 low-income families facing common legal issues fail to receive qualified legal assistance

In the last year, Tipping Point has helped put 23,000 people on a path out of poverty


Automation and Expertise

Use technology to automate administrative and operational tasks so that service providers can focus their effort on efficiently delivering a high-quality experience.

Leveraging the ecosystem

Define core organizational capabilities and map them to the broader ecosystem to identify unmet and adjacent needs and join forces with partners with complementary offerings.

Actionable Insights

Having a holistic view of the customer is crucial, but that alone is not enough. To maximize impact, leaders must weigh tradeoffs between what customers need, and what internal resources can can feasibly deliver.

We are so inspired by the incredible work that the teams at Project Legal Link and Tipping Point a do everyday to advocate for those in our community who need help the most. Our hope is that by helping to focus PLL’s core offering and establish a more scalable operational model, the team can multiply their impact and enable even more of our Bay Area neighbors to find stable housing and employment.

Nim Deshpande, Lead Strategist, Method