A brand transformation representing survival in the simplest form

Project X is a World Wildlife Fund-backed corporate accelerator that enables entire industries to make difficult transitions in their sustainability agenda, together.

With a mission to radically transform 10 industry value chains in 10 years, Project X needed to create a name for themselves outside of the umbrella brand WWF. In today’s political, humanitarian and environmental climate, there is a tangible sense of urgency in their mission. This urgency forced a very tight 2 week timeline to solidify a distinct name, brand, identity, and go-to-market story.

The Method team partnered with Project X at exactly the right time and in exactly the right format - using the London studio as an incubator for the team, fostering consistent collaboration and an agile design process.

The result was compressed two week sprint, and included an induction/core concepts workshop, a naming workshop, identity framing workshop and two design sprints to create a brand they could be proud of, and a story they could tell to the world.

A new brand story was created that the team was proud of and could present to their partners.

We were able to complete the desired brand transformation within an extremely short time frame.

Next year this brand will stand among some of the world’s greatest in impact creation on a global stage.

On a practical level, the output was a brand together with all relevant assets, and brand guidelines for our partners. On a more philosophical level, over the next year this brand will stand among some of the world’s greats in impact creation on a global stage, and will include some great new friends!

Kate Wolfenden, Co-Founder, Project-X


In-studio Incubation

Method welcomed Project X into the studio to work side by side in order to complete the project in 2 weeks. This close collaboration resulted in a speedy delivery for a project that would normally take several months to complete. Any business wanting a truly lean, agile process should consider their level of collaboration.

Brand Transformation

Because Project X is a part of a larger organization (WWF), taking the time to truly understand the mission and motivation behind the work within the context of the WWF was vital in helping Method create a new brand that represented the core values of Project X, while staying true to the great work of the WWF.

There’s a real sense of urgency in what they are doing. The brand position naturally looked towards survival. If we don’t sort this out, the human race will be in serious trouble. The weight of this responsibility was an important driver in pushing the brand to reflect the mission’s importance and scale.

Hector Pottie, Creative Director, Method